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At Avico we recognise that a wedding day is special. For that reason we limit the number of weddings we undertake because we want it to be special for us too. We spend as much time as possible getting to know the couple, their family, and the locations involved. We take care to find out what they expect from the day and what type of photographs they like. We like to think we are photographing friends.

On the day itself we try to make sure that we get the best pictures possible without being too obtrusive. Most couples require some formal pictures but we think the best pictures are the informal ones that capture the emotion of the day. We also like to use two photographers to view the event from different perspectives.

One of Avico�s main USPs is our experience in producing audio visual (AV) programmes. We combine our photographs with music chosen by the couple to provide a unique way of capturing the emotion of the wedding day. We find that many couples like to remember their day by replaying the AV programme on a DVD player (or computer) and it is often seen as an alternative to a wedding album. For examples of how effective this can be, please take a look at our AV channel on YouTube (a direct link can be found on our home page). Although we have not uploaded any wedding AVs for privacy reasons we would be happy to demonstrate examples of our work on request.

The two most important questions to ask when engaging a wedding photographer are quality and price. You can be assured that Avico will provide well qualified, experienced, award-winning, photographers to cover your important day. We are happy to provide confirmation of this and any references you require. The price really depends on what you need and you can choose from a list of options to match your requirements. Our aim is to be competitive on price and to provide superior service and excellent value for money.

Please contact us via the link on our homepage for a quotation.

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