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British Birds

Image of a Dotterel

The British birds collection is the largest section of Avico�s library. We have included approximately 170 species on this site and, although we are only able to show a limited selection of images for each bird, the library contains many more examples. We try to record interesting aspects of behaviour where possible.

Almost all the images on this site were taken after we began to use digital cameras in 2003. We realised at an early stage that even 6Mb cameras were capable of producing A3 prints which were at least as good conventional 35mm film and the quality of digital photography has improved rapidly since then. Current digital cameras, when combined with the best quality lenses, are capable of producing an astonishing amount of detail. In addition, improved ISO performance and noise reduction has allowed photographers to capture high quality action shots in the field.

In addition to our own library, we have extensive connections to some of the best wildlife photographers in the country, many of whom are not represented in the marketplace. If a customer has a specific requirement will always try to source a suitable photograph for them if it is not readily available.

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